Lyme Disease is not your only worry. Ticks carry a variety of diseases and parasites (ie heart-worm). Your Preventative Veterinary Treatments only protect your dog from a species of Ticks (3-5). There are 11 types of Ticks known to reside in Ontario and more coming every year.

Prevention, removing the Tick as soon as possible and knowing the species are the best ways you can protect your pet. Once submitted, your Tick will be identified by our Certified Tick Specialist and then submitted for further study. You will receive via email a written report outlining the risks, statistics, pathogens, diseases and symptoms to be aware of associated with the particular species positively identified.

Your Tick will be submitted to a surveillance study, at the University of Guelph, designed to track the presence and spread of ticks on pets. Information will be used for tick surveillance and research activities by the University of Guelph and may also be used by public health agencies for the same purpose.

Please Submit Ticks In plastic sealed Bags (lunch baggies) wrapped gently in alcohol wiped or alcohol soaked paper towel.   Mail properly packaged Ticks along with Completed Submission Form in envelope to:

WholeDogNow Tick Identification.

Submission Form will be emailed upon  Tick Identification Purchase.

2 King St West PO Box

Millbrook, Ontario



When removing Ticks be careful to remove entire Tick including head for proper identification. (TOTAL TICK KITS)

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