Homeopathic Remedies - Singles


Canine Homeopathy is a system of medicine that helps the dog to heal using their own energy. The remedies come in the form of little sugar pellets that are approximately the size of a sesame seed. We believe these remedies should be used alongside other holistic modalities to support and compliment normal Conventional Veterinary care. Homeopathy is perfectly safe. This is because homeopathic medicines are made from a very small amount of the active ingredient. Two hundred years of practice, research and trials have proved the safety of this gentle system of medicine for both dogs and their guardians. It is always preferable to consult with a integrative doctor or homeopathic practitioner prior to taking any homeopathic remedies, especially if your dog’s health is compromised or if symptoms do not resolve in a timely fashion. Each Remedies can be used to treat a Variety of Conditions.


At Whole Dog Now we carry all Homeopathic Remedies in low doses 6c appropriate for canine use.


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