FlexoVet from the HomeoVet line – Cats & Dogs – is a natural health product that supports healthy bones and joint function. FlexoVet helps arthritis symptoms and maintains your pets’ agility.

It addresses issues with :

– cartilage
– joints
– ligament fluids

Ensures the well-being of your furry friend.

Format: 30 Ml with integrated dropper
Veterinary use only.

Gluten Free - FlexoVet 30 ml | HomeoVetNo added sugar - FlexoVet 30 ml | HomeoVetDye free - FlexoVet 30 ml | HomeoVetNo artificial flavour - FlexoVet 30 ml | HomeoVet

Whether a condition is acute or chronic, this product can provide assistance as a supportive treatment, but will not replace traditional veterinary medicine. It is important to verify ethiology, general symptoms and behavior of your pet, to give it the best treatment. If in doubt, do not hesitate to inform your veterinarian

Medicinal ingredients
- Arnica montana 5C
- Arsenicum album 5C
- Bryonia alba 5C
- Calcarea carbonica D6/6X
- Calcarea uorica D6/6X
- Calcarea phosphorica D6/6X
- Causticum 9C
- Ledum palustre 5C
- Rhus toxicodendron 5C
- Ruta graveolens 5C
- Silicea 9C

Non-medicinal ingredients
- Alcohol 10%,
- Purified water

This product has no added sugar, and no artificial flavour, and is gluten free, and dye free.

Directions of use

Under 20 lbs/10 kg ................. 5 drops
Over 21 lbs/11kg ................. 10 drops

Place drops in a bit of water, 3 times daily or as recommended by a veterinarian. To be used only when needed. Reduce intake with improvement. Easy to administer with its integrated dropper. This product is tasteless.



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