Do you know what to do in a canine emergency? Veterinarian Martin Bucksch has created this simple travel sized book which we highly recommend as a great addition to your First Aid Kit. Also includes a single dose of Flower Essseences Calming Blend and travel blanket. To better care for your Canine Companion during an emergency consider taking the WholeDogNow FirstAid&CPR Certification course.

Dr. Martin Bucksch studied veterinary medicine in Italy and qualified with a PhD. He then trained as a veterinary specialist for small animals in Hamburg and as a veterinary dermatologist in Germany, the United States, Luxembourg and Vienna. In 2002, he became managing director and senior partner of a German veterinary practice, where he mainly worked as a veterinary dermatologist. For several years, he also worked as a science photographer and a writer for several magazines, and as a nonfiction writer for two German publishing companies.

Title:Emergency First Aid for Dogs: At Home and Away


Dimensions:64 pages, 7.38 × 4.12 × 0.28 in

Published:June 1, 2012

Publisher:Hubble & Hattie


ISBN - 10:184584386X

ISBN - 13:9781845843861



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