WholeDogNow Panic and Fear Kit WDN


Even when we know that our dog suffers from extreme fear or anxiety, controlling the outside world completely is not realistic and sometimes events will happen to bring on a fear event. There are also times when unexpected traumas can happen such as injuries or accidents which can lead to a panicked dog. Dogs suffer from PTSD, Phobias, Separation Anxiety and a variety of other mental health issues just like humans.Fear comes in all shapes and sizes, especially for your furry, four-pawed friend. Fear and Panic reactions can be extreme and dangerous for both the dog and those around him/her. A frightened dog may show submissive behaviors, freeze and remain immobile or bark, growl and/or bite.

Our Emergency kits were designed with the intention of allowing your dog the best possible chance and may give your animal that extra boost needed in order to alleviate their state of panic. Fearful dogs should be seen by Veterinary Behaviorist for a proper diagnosis, treatment and to rule out any physical issues.

Each Kit Contains:

Arsenicum Album

Aconitum Napellus

Passiflora Incar

Each Kit comes with a full color instructional insert describing the remedies and dosages in detail.

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