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Whole Dog Now


Learn about all of our services, skills, and what we can provide for you and your canine companion.


Available Treatments

At WholeDogNow™, we offer a variety of customized treatments and programs designed specifically to meet your dogs needs. We work with many Dog care professionals - Complimentary not Competitive. We will happily refer you to professionals in your area to best help your dog improve their overall wellness.

We want your dog to have as full and active a lifestyle as possible. In order for that to happen you dog needs to be fit, happy, and fulfilled. If your pet is a puppy, an athlete, a couch potato or getting ready to leave this world, our treatment programs combine Canine Life Coaching and Family Behavioral Plans and Physical  Protocols; We always treat the Whole Dog.



Whole Dog Assessments

We assess every aspect of your canine companion’s life. This program was designed to greatly improve the life of dogs who are healthy, happy and active or to address the root causes of canines with health, behavior or emotional issues.

The program includes a home visit, family interview, medical history, and a record of weight, measurements, gait, etc. Nose  to Tail.

 A Whole Dog Now professional will complete an in-depth written report. This report will include your dogs personalized evaluation, goals, recommendations, referrals and explanations on how to improve your pet's quality of life and potentially increase your pet's life expectancy. These reports are valuable tools for both you and other canine professionals,  (veterinarian, trainer, behaviorist, and groomer) and can be expanded upon. One of our Professionals will patiently go through the entire report, explaining and answering all of your questions.

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Additional Services

Tick Removal and Identification

A Certified Pet Care Professional will remove Tick/Ticks from your animal in the comfort of your home. You will receive a written report identifying the species of Tick which was removed, risks/statistics, pathogens and diseases, and symptoms to be aware of associated with that particular species. Tick will be submitted for study to the University of Guelph) (This service is also available by mail at a reduced fee)

Obesity and Weight Management Programs

Combined/Individual Physical Therapies Treatments and Life Coaching includes: Chronic Pain Support, Palliative Care, Athletic Programs, , Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Emotional Detox Programs, Nutritional Counseling,Therapeutic Massage, Laser Light Therapy, Reiki, Tens, Magnetic Therapy, Sound Therapy.

Services provided by both in-house Pet Care Professionals and various Pet Partners. All Services are customized to the individual after free evaluation.

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