FAQ's Homeopathic Remedies

What does Homeopathy mean?

“Homeopathy” combines two Greek words: homoios (“similar”) and pathos (“illness”). Together, they describe what homeopathic remedies do, i.e., treat using “what is similar to the illness.”

Why are the Homeopathic Remedies is Latin?

There are more than 3,000 base substances used in the preparation of homeopathic treatments. Each substance is classified by its international scientific name, which is expressed in Latin (e.g., Arnica montana, Apis mellifica) so that health care professionals around the world can identify it quickly and accurately.

Is Homeopathy Natural Medicine?

Homeopathy uses natural substances derived from plant, mineral and animal sources. But homeopathy is also considered to be a natural form of medicine because it works in conjunction with the body, supporting and stimulating its built-in defense mechanisms to fight illness.

Why am I using this on my pet?

Homeopathic medicines have been used to treat pets, farm animals, competitive animals and even wild animals for over 150 years, primarily because they are effective and do not cause dependence.Bottle of Homeopathic Remedies for dog spilled

What about Homeopathic Vaccines?

Homeopathic vaccinations do not exist. There is no such a thing as a “homeopathic vaccination,” and no homeopathic medicine can be substituted as a vaccine. None of the homeopathic remedies are labeled or promoted as homeopathic vaccines. Both Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada continue to promote and actively support vaccination of our pets to protect themselves and us from vaccine‐preventable illnesses. (though vaccine protocols do need to change)

Can remedies be used to treat reoccurring or chronic conditions?

Yes. When dealing with a chronic condition, such as allergies, homeopathic treatment aims to reduce the intensity and frequency of episodes or outbreaks.

Do Homeopathic Remedies act quickly?

Yes. When used for acute, occasional illnesses, homeopathic medicines can take effect very quickly, especially if administered as soon as symptoms appear. For chronic conditions such as asthma, migraines, allergies and rheumatism, longer treatments are needed to see sustained relief.

How do I administer my Remedies?

Place Pellets into your pets mouth with touching.remedy is on outside and will dissolve on contact with mucus membrane of your pets mouth. Alternatively you pellets  can be dissolved in a small amount of water and administered via a syringe. Remember to empty and refill daily.




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