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Canine First Aid and CPR Holistic Certificate Course

You'll learn how to identify and respond to different types of emergency scenarios; how to safely handle your dog when they are injured; and how to personalize your dog’s first aid kit. You will learn how to use some common holistic remedies safely, how to treat and handle many common emergencies: shock, hypothermia, wounds, broken bones, poisoning, etc. Learn and practice dog CPR and various emergency scenarios; by the end of the day, you'll have the confidence to know how to best help your pet in case of an emergency and you will leave with your own basic First Aid Kit for your Dog.

Our Certified Pet First Aid Instructor will teach you the steps in taking care of your dog in the event of an emergency. She will present the techniques needed to control your dog while still being able to show the love and support needed to treat their injuries until proper medical help can be obtained.

Pet First Aid is a class that is intended for anyone that is interested in caring for their dog during an emergency.

Each Pet First Aid class is taught by Certified Instructors. Each class will cover the care, treatment and handling techniques of injured dogs.  Instructors will teach you all the steps in Dog CPR, rescue breathing, bandaging, splinting and anything else needed to comfort your dog in the case of an emergency. You will learn the basic of using Holistic Remedies, and various common herbal remedies for common ailments and practice various hands on skills and bandaging techniques with CPR dog mannequins and model dogs. All students get a Canine First Aid Kit, a First Aid Pocket Guide and PDF reference manual, a Whole Dog Now certification card showing completion of the course as well as a Certificate of Completion.

Canine Complimentary Therapies Certificate Course

There are many complimentary therapies and practitioners available for our dogs today. These therapies can aid our dogs through a variety of issues usually pain management (post-surgical, arthritis, age, injury, cancer) or behavioural (reactive, stress, separation anxiety, panic disorder, aggression). Having the knowledge and skill to support your Veterinary Care and Your other Canine Professionals (Dog Trainers, Hydro therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors) can only aid not only your dog’s healing time but also your relationship.

Some Complementary therapies can be safely done at home by the owner with proper training and tools: Acupressure, Nutritional Healing, Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Polarity Treatments, Crystal healing, Emotional Detox, Therapeutic Touch, Magnetic Therapy, Reiki, Naturopathic medicine, Dog Therapeutic Massage, Sound Therapy, and Cold Laser Light Therapy. This introductory course will give you started on the road to helping you help your dog.

In this hands on course your instructor will go over the basics of a variety of complimentary therapy techniques available today, the possible benefits of each will be discussed and their applications. Most therapies have both behavioural and physical applications, as body and mind are connected even with our canine companions. You will get the chance to practice your skills on Dog models and then be supervised while you treat your own pet. All students will receive a Canine Acupressure Chart, a Sound therapy MP3, a Whole Dog Now certification card showing completion of the course as well as a Certificate of Completion. 

Canine Aromatherapy and Behaviour Certificate Course

To understand your dog, you must understand his nose. As a human you understand and interact with the world around you predominantly by sight. Your dog, on the other hand, defines the world and his place in it through sense of smell. Aromatherapy has been shown to affect behaviour in humans, imagine how much greater the affect is on canines when used properly. Due to their extreme sense of smell there are dangers associated with using Essential Oils along with many other scented products around or pets.

Your instructor will teach you about how your dog interprets the world around him. How scents affect his everyday life and behaviour and how Aromatherapy can help modify certain behavioural issues. The Topics we will cover are: A dog’s sense of smell, Aromatherapy for dogs, the differences between human and canine aromatherapy, Essential oil pet safety (all species), Carrier oils, Dilution Ratios, Implementing scents for dog training and everyday life, Specific Essential Oils and their uses, and a General Q&A about Canine Health and Wellness. You will get a chance to create your own custom aromatherapy blend for your dog. You’ll learn different ways to use these oils to support physical and emotional well-being, creating blends for inhalation and skin application, and how to dilute them. All students will receive a Whole Dog Now Beginners Canine Aromatherapy Kit with Booklet, a Whole Dog Now certification card showing completion of the course as well as a Certificate of Completion. 

Canine Genetics and Behaviour Modification Certificate Course

From DNA studies, we know dogs evolved from the timber wolf around 15,000 years ago. Living and developing alongside humans has changed dogs quite drastically from their wolf ancestors. How close is our dog to his wolf ancestry?

Leave with a better understanding of your dog and his/her genetic history. Learn how to set your dog up for success and co-exist by setting realistic goals for you and your pet. Nature vs Nurture, with dogs, is it one or the other, or both? There are inherent, behavioral characteristics that are hard-wired into certain breeds. Retrievers retrieve. Herders herd. To what degree and manner should and do these characteristics manifest in your dog? Are the nurture factors; owner behavior, socialization, previous experience enough to manipulate and change them or stimulate them? How do you find the proper outlets for your dog’s genetic emotions, physical, and intellectual needs in today’s society. Learn what play systems you can put into place to create a happier and more stimulating environment for your dog. What about our lovely mutts, how do they fit in? Are there alternatives to breed labeling of mixed breed dogs and alternatives to breed based explanations of behavior? All students receive an eBook Canine training manual, a Whole Dog Now certification card showing completion of the course as well as a Certificate of Completion.

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Lead Instructor – Taylor Kenney dog getting a kiss after training


Taylor originally studied Design and Natural Health but a personal injury and introduction to Service animals in 2006 changed her focus and passion to specializing in Dog Care.

Her career began over 2 decades ago at Richter’s Herbs, but includes IVC Veterinary Journal, Canadian Dogs, and Animal Wellness Magazine, researcher and product developer at LifeFORCE Pet Health and she now owns Whole Dog Now – designing, manufacturing, and distributing various Holistic Canine Health Care Products while educating the public.  Taylor has worked as volunteer for years in Search and Rescue taking multiple CPR First Aid Health Care Provider Courses and Instructor courses (human and animal) before designing the Whole Dog Now Courses which focus on only Canine needs.

Most recently graduated from courses at Duke University and University of Edinborough College of Veterinary Science. Taylor is also a Certified Canine Massage Therapist and Canine Aroma therapist and member of the IACP. She studied a variety of courses throughout the years through various colleges, universities and attending yearly seminars and summits to keep current. Taylor's Experience  and Education includes Training, Programs, and Certifications in:
  • Pet Nutritional Consultant
  • Animal Physical Therapist
  • Sales Skills for the Dog Handler
  • Veterinary Support Assistant
  • Feline Care, Training and Behaviour Modification
  • Treatment and Prevention of Canine Aggression
  • Science Based Training
  • Animal First Aid and CPR
  • Animal Reiki Levels 1 and 2
  • Animal Physiology
  • Safe and Effective Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy
  • Integrating Services with the Veterinary Community
  • Relationship Based Behaviour Modification
  • Animal Pharmaceutical Administration – Naturopathic
  • Advanced K9 SAR Training
  • Canine Emotional Detox
  • Epidemiology
  • Parasitology
  • Understanding Breed Ancestry
  • Balanced Training and the Human Hierarchy
  • Advanced Behavior Modification
  • Dog Training and Behaviour Consultant
  • Dogmanship Based Training
  • Purely Positive Based Training
  • Take the Lead - Basic Obedience
  • Dog Grooming Basics
  • Animal Psychology






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