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At Whole Dog Now we believe in Community, Caring, participating and giving back.

 Support and Giving


We support various rescues with our Wolfy Photo Shoots.

Join Us at Events throughout the Season to help Rescue Dogs!

We are Partnered with Peterborough Humane Society and every Total Tick Kit sold raises $5 towards the care of the dogs in Peterborough shelters


To donate to the Peterborough Humane Society Directly



WholeDogNow Events

Sign up for a Course or just come and say Hello, chat and meet some of the Team at a "Live Event" and grab  a discount code or two. Get some tips.. Oh, you could also win some cool prizes!

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All Day Peterboroough Pet Summit Coming April 13th,  2019 - Multiple Speakers and Topics 



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We Sponsor:

All Kinds of Community Events!


Ask us about having our amazing Wolfy attend your Canine Event for a Photo Shoot Booth or just for Fun!




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