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Laser Therapy for Dogs

Whole Dog Care

Laser Light Therapy is the use of light from a Low Intensity Laser Diode or an array of Superluminous Diodes. It is also known as photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation when used on a dog can accelerate healing, increase blood circulation, decrease inflammation and decrease pain. This treatment is perfect for your canine companion because unlike high intensity lasers, it does not use heat or cut tissue. It has been used and studied for over 40 years. The treatments last only 15 minutes and needs on average from 1 to 20 treatments depending on the issues and severity of the case (weekly/biweekly).

Research studies have shown Laser Therapy to be safe and effective and the benefits are long lasting. It is most commonly used to help with pain associated with arthritis and muscular issues, post-surgical healing, and dermatological problems. Laser Therapy is non-invasive, non-toxic and non-thermal. Unlike other forms of radiation, Laser Therapy is beneficial rather than harmful to tissue.

There are no side effects, no shaving required, and the dogs tend to enjoy treatments. Low-level Laser Light Therapy is a Holistic treatment which should be used to support the healing process, Conventional Treatments and Regular Veterinarian care.

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