Whole Dog Now Product Update - Essential Oils

Whole Dog Now Product Update - Essential Oils

June 19, 2018

Melissa Shelton DVM is a professional in this industry whom I respect and share many personal and professional beliefs with; upon devouring her newest book "ADR II Essential Oils For Animals" from cover to cover, I not only decided to make some subtle changes to our product line but also realized that some integral information was missing from our product specs. 

The following improvements will be happening to our product line thanks to suggestions by Dr Melissa Shelton. We will be replacing our carrier oils in the future with a oil which takes into account human allergies (fractionated coconut oil) and we will be replacing our Rubber Droppers Lids with Plain lids and Enclosed Enclosed Droppers. We are constantly improving our recipes and open to making changes in our product line as new information in this industry becomes available.

Click to purchase a copy of Melissa Shelton's book for yourself.

If you have any questions regarding the lot number of your product feel free to contact us at support@wholedognow.com with the place and date of purchase.

Please seek out the advice of a Holistic/Integrative Veterinarian prior to treating your canine companion for any health related issues. Essential Oils are powerful substances and when used incorrectly can cause harm. We are happy to provide a list of Care Providers in your area.

Our current product Line contains:

Common Name Status Latin Origin Main Constituent Extraction Method
basil ocimum basilicum L India alkenes (a-pinene) steam
bergamot  citrus bergamia SouthEast Asia alkenes (Limonene) coldpressed
catnip nepeta cataria Canada lacotone (nepetalactone) steam
cedarwood cedrus atlantica Canada alkenes (sesquiterpene) steam
citronella cymbopogon nardus Indonesia alcohols (geraniol) coldpressed
clary sage GRAS salvia sclarea Russia alcohols (linalool) steam
geranium GRAS pelargonium graveolens South Africa alcohol(citronellol) steam
ginger GRAS zingiber officinale Thailand alkenes(camphene) steam
lavender GRAS lavandula officinalis Italy alkenes (a-pinene) steam
lemon GRAS citrus limonum USA alkenes (Limonene) coldpressed
lemongrass GRAS cymbopogon flexuosus India aldehydes (z-citral) steam
marjoram GRAS origanum majorana Egypt Alkenes (sabinene) steam
myrrh commiphora myrrha India alkenes (Limonene) cold pressed
neem azadirachta indica India ketones (azadiradione) cold pressed
olive oil Carrier lolea europaea Italy oleic acid cold presses
peppermint  mentha piperita India ketones (menthone) steam
roman chamomile anthemis nobilis United Kingdom alkenes (a-pinene) steam
spearmint mentha spicata L China alkenes (a-pinene) steam
sweet almond  Carrier prunus amygdalus olous Spain oleic acid coldpressed
tangerine GRAS citrus reticulate Italy ketones (a-thujone) coldpressed
white Thyme thymus  zygis Spain alcohols (Thymol) steam
ylangylang 1,2,3 GRAS canaga odorata Madagascar alcohols (linalool) steam
grapeseed Carrier Vitis Vinifera Chile Linoleic Acid coldpressed

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