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Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to visit our Canine Community. We offer a wide variety of Holistic (Homeopathic, Natural, Herbal, Essential Oil) products to help your create a better life for your Canine Companion. At Whole Dog Now, we only carry products that we believe in and would use to improve the lives of our own dogs.

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Peterborough Humane Society

Childrens Education Program by Peterborough Human Society

Through our educational presentations we are able to teach kids how to choose the proper pet, what is required to keep your pet happy and healthy as well as...
Event - Coping with Pests

Event - Coping with Pests

We will discuss these threats in detail: the diseases each insect carries, the symptoms to look out for, and how likely you both are at any given time to being exposed. Believe it or not, there are various methods of protection for both you and your dog given your level of contact.
Whole Dog Now Product Update - Essential Oils

Whole Dog Now Product Update - Essential Oils

We are constantly improving our recipes and open to making changes in our product line as new information in this industry becomes available.


We have a 12 week old puppy Teddy. Not wanting to keep him crated for 7 hours Taylor came to the rescue. You gave us amazing advise on feeding crating and caring for our puppy. She put us in touch with Jeannette who comes in daily to see Teddy and take him out. This is a wonderful caring company. I just want to say how thankful and how grateful I am!

Lisa Murray

I’m the owner of a miniature dachshund with anxiety when it comes to other dogs, he used to get really aggressive. “Whole Dog” helped me with this issue and now I can enjoy walks with him! 🐶

E Rodriguez

Whole Dog Now did a great job helping Sara live a more exciting life. She’s about 13 years old and they showed us games Sara can play with her food without having to run around. Sara’s back and hips are bad. Whole Dog Now also did message therapy treatments to help Sara.

Q Maxwell

We had the opportunity to have both Taylor and Kim come to my home and give us some great advice to help our mixed breed (Sheppard/husky/?) rescue dog . Both were very friendly and helpful, a very positive experience.

J McCabe
Whole Dog Care
Whole Dog Care


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